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2007 - 2008 Teachers and Schools


Borman Elementary School

Brita Montes (3rd Grade), Paul Montes (4th Grade), and Rhonda Rhudy (2nd Grade) are working with graduate fellow Jesse Hardin, hoping to provide a more comprehensive science curriculum for their students; together, they seek to create a more meaningful, inquiry-based approach to science that will prepare their students for our changing world.


Coronado K-8 school

Liesl Scheffel (6th Grade) and Jill Warrick (8th Grade) have teamed up with graduate fellow Nomalie Jaya to set an example of lifelong learning by introducing their students to science investigation and inquiry. They hope that the BioME program will enrich their students' understanding and interest in biological studies.


Lynn/Urquides Elementary School

Angela Allen (4th Grade), Alexis Delbridge (3rd Grade) and Raul C. Reyes (3rd Grade) hope that their collaboration with graduate fellow Jenny Jandt will bring an understanding, appreciation, and in-depth knowledge of the scientific process to their students. They feel that the presence of a scientist in their classrooms will promote active learning while encouraging students to take and active part in their environments.


John E. White Elementary School

Craig Barker(4th Grade), Nancy DeFeo (3rd Grade), and Carolyn Hollis (5th Grade) work as a team in teaching gifted students at White Elementary School. In working with graduate fellow Kathy Gerst, they aspire to give their students an exciting sense of what it is to work in science and how scientists reason and experiment.


Amphitheater Middle School/

Walter Douglas Elementary School

Together, Lynn Crew, an 8th grade teacher at Amphitheater Middle School, and Aaron Miller, a 5th grade teacher at Walter Douglas Elementary School, are working in conjunction with graduate fellow Chris Schmidt; they feel that the presence of a scientist in their classrooms will enhance curriculum, facilitate learning, and generate excitement in the sciences. In collaborating with Chris, they hope that their lessons will engage students' imaginations and challenge their students' intellect.


Empire High School

Empire High School teacher Michael Frank has teamed up with graduate fellow Joseph Ahlander with the goal of increasing active learning in the science curriculum by integrating current research methods and results, and exploring appropriate and effective uses of technology in the science classroom.


Sunnyside High School

Sandi Stewart of Sunnyside High School is working with graduate fellow Latifa Borgelin to bring an interesting and fascinating science education to her students. She hopes that the BioME program will help to increase her students' interest in college and to increase their awareness of the many fields of biology.

Tucson High Magnet School

Aida A. Castillo Flores, a 9th and 10th grade teacher at Tucson High Magnet School, has partnered with graduate fellow Mindy Escobar to provide a thorough science curriculum for her students; she hopes that this partnership will provide a unique opportunity to develop a "Cells Unit" with an emphasis on neurons.

Margaret Wilch, an 11th and 12th grade teacher at Tucson High Magnet School, is working with graduate fellow Kevin Vogel to develop a biotechnology curriculum; she feels that this partnership will support high school students in scientific research.

Amerischools College Preparatory Academy

Angela Urbon-Bonine of Amerischools College Prep Academy is working alongside graduate fellow Jessica Cantrell to teach Environmental Science, as well as health, fitness, and nutrition, to her students. She hopes to spark the interest of her students in creative, innovative ways so that they begin asking their own scientific questions.



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