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Summer Institute 2010 Photos


team building
human histogram
Participants do back-to-back drawing during a team building exercise highlighting the importance of communication. BioME teachers and fellows create a human histogram while discussing issues in science education.
gel electrophoresis
High school teachers, Steven Vuturo and Andrew Lettes, perform a gel electrophoresis with the BIOTECH Project. BioME participants listen as fellow participants share their research on Mt. Lemmon.
april teaches
teachers core
Graduate fellow, April Chiriboga, explains aspects of her dendrochronology research to the group on Mt. Lemmon. Teachers Anna Heyer and Daniel Dong, practice tree coring.
looking at the core sample
identifying insects
Participants examine a Ponderosa Pine tree core specimen. Graduate fellow, Joe Deas, helps other participants identify insects.
collecting insects
david balancing

Graduate fellow Anam Arik (10-11), Bryan Helm (09-10), and teaher Steven Vuturo identify insects collected on a beating sheet.
Graduate fellow David Andrew explores Mt. Lemmon, collecting insects along the way.
nhi teaches
the group
Graduate fellow Nhi Duong demonstrates various insect collecting techniques. The group!


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