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2009 - 2010 Teachers and Schools


Marguerite Samples and Martha West

Dunham Elementary School; 2ndgrade

Graduate Fellow partner:  Tuan Cao


"We can only imagine the academic growth students will achieve by having the knowledge and training provided by [our] Fellow. . . Children, who might not otherwise have these experiences, will meet actual scientists and experience first hand the enriching experience found in science."


Team Dunham

Liz Prohaska

Hendricks Elementary School; 2nd - 6th grade gifted

Graduate Fellow partner:  Ming Huang


"A Fellow will help with more in-depth scientific knowledge as well as teaching, by example, how to become a scientist."

Team Hendricks

Cithel Orozco and Geniece Baer

Liberty Elementary; 5th grade

Graduate Fellow Partner:  Kathi Borgmann


"Together we can promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning."

Team Liberty

Janet Slingerland and Julie Stapleton

Flowing Wells Middle School; 7thand 8th grade

Graduate Fellow partner:  Luisa Ikner


"By learning from someone who is currently doing scientific research, our students will hopefully gain an exciting new perspective on what it means to be a scientist."


Patricia DuMont

Hermosa Montessori Charter School; 4th - 6th grades

Graduate Fellow partner:  Aletris Neils


"There is great value in having someone to collaborate with in terms of coming up with ideas and giving input on how to best present a certain topic."

team hermosa

Patricia Robles-Medina and Darrek Hernandez

Mansfeld Middle School; 6th and 8th Grade

Graduate Fellow partner:  Randy Vazquez


"Having a BioME Fellow in the classroom allows our students a unique opportunity to experience Science in a fun and exciting atmosphere."

Team Mansfeld

Rebecca Lipson

Miles Exploratory Learning Center; 6th and 8th grades

Graduate Fellow partner: Victoria Miranda


"I want my students to see the importance of understanding science in our society; that science is pervasive and affects their lives everyday. . . There is no better way to dispel all of the myths about scientists than actually meet one who defies the stereotypes!"

Team Miles

Anna Heyer

Flowing Wells High School

Graduate Fellow partner:  Rachel Zenuk


"I am hoping that my BioME Fellow will help me design even more lessons that use the scientific method instead of just a simple set of steps to reach an expected outcome."


Margaret Wilch

Tucson High Magnet School; 11thand 12th grade

Graduate Fellow partner:  Stuti Jaiswal

Team THS

Kevin Kehl

Palo Verde High School

Graduate Fellow partner:  Bryan Helm



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